Ride Reports

Whiteways April 2008

Yet again the weather defied the forecast and 20th April saw us set off from Whiteways at 10-30 for a ride mixing South Downs with a healthy excess of singletrack in Houghton forest and Eartham woods.

A good time was had by all despite a couple of punctures, a tumble and slogging up yet another hill. We anticipated that the ride would take us 4 hours, it did, in fact, take 5. At the end we all tucked into coffee, cake, bread pudding and baked potatoes at the cafe in Whiteways carpark.

The pace was brisk from the off and by the time we reached the top of Rewell wood we were all panting. The pain of the climb was soon forgotten as we enjoyed a long fast descent, various log crossings, root nests and off piste sections before tackling the climb to Slindon quarry. We briefly regrouped before heading through the undergrowth and into Slindon village. The steep descent from Slindon onto the road leading up to the folly was the cause of much laughter and merriment and we all trundled on with beaming grins. A rest at the folly before diving into the singletrack immediately behind it; however rather than follow it downhill we took an off-piste route through the bluebell covered woodland and onto the main fireroad. Cresting the brow of the hill we had earned some fun. Off we went as fast as possible past dogs and walkers on the long seemingly never ending stepped descent from the hilltop. This was an absolute blast with all roots and steps providing launch pads and we all reached the bottom grinning and laughing from the buzz.

A quick zip along the road into Eartham wood and a snack stop before the climb to the top of Bignor Hill. At this point the efforts of the ride were beginning to tell so we decided on a direct route through Houghton Forest taking in as much of the established and newly built singletrack that we could. The boys had fun playing in the double bomb-hole and chute with each attempt prompting new shouts of ‘I want another go‘. The final sections of singletrack were dispatched; however at this point we were riding them rather than blasting them and after the final nasty drop off we headed directly back to the carpark. 2 tumbles, 3 punctures, 1 bent chainring, 1 loose headset and 1 rear wheel out of the drop-outs(!) in total 28 miles in 5 hours. A cracking ride.

Check pics on the photo page.

South Downs  April 2008

The weather forecast for Brighton on 13th April was pretty miserable, showers and hail with the occasional spell of sunshine. The forecast was turned on its head and we had a great time. This was my first day ride in 6 weeks following my rib-crunching escapade so we opted for a ride of two halfs, a South Downs trundle rounded off with Stanmer singletrack.

From Sussex University the only way onto the downs is up, the initial climb was a leg warmer and had all of us panting despite taking the more gentle cruise onto the hills above Woodingdean. We made good time along the South Downs Way above Kingston in warm sunshine, the piles of cow poo dumped next to all the gates by the farmers were rock hard and we just skipped over them. The steep descent towards Rodmell was taken at a grin inducing and whooping full pelt. As we climbed towards the reservoir behind Tellscombe the sky began to look ominously dark and a cutting breeze was making itself felt by all except Jim who laughed it off in only shorts and short-sleeved shirt. Along the hill-top above the ‘hidden valley’ we could all feel rain in the breeze so decided to cutout the climb via Castle Hill and headed straight back towards the South Downs Way when the heavens opened. Waterproofs were hurriedly grabbed and we climbed to an open sided barn on the hill-top to wait it out. Just as suddenly as they had started the wind and rain stopped and was replaced by bright sunshine. We were soon on downs above Kingston.

The descent into Kingston was taken carefully by all – even Jim – as the recently wet chalk didn’t look like it would take any prisoners! Not carefully enough, as there was a small incident, not on the steep descent but on the flat runout at the bottom. Across the A27 and down a long straight singletrack through Lewes with gravity on our side, slightly muddy but nothing to worry about. The climb to Blackcap was its usual slog and we began to get a couple of stragglers but the warm sun gave everyone a second gear and we whizzed to Ditchling Beacon. The conversations about the merits of different descents from and climbs up to the Beacon changed the mood of the ride and we began looking for humps and divots to jump off. Stanmer woods were practically bone dry and we had a blast including the old rooty corner on the steep descent. The entrance to this trail has been changed, there used to be a couple of bermed corners now its just straight down the steepest part of the hillside across a log step and then the sharp left turn across the roots. We all made it without incident.

We ended the ride sitting in the warm sunshine with coffee and shortbread from Stanmer Tearoom’s. A cracking ride, hopefully a good portent for 2008.


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