New friend

saddle.jpgI have a new riding buddy to accompany me up hill and down dale. My old riding buddy was typically Italian, striking and fast. My new friend is an American; more laid back easily swaps between one thing and another without fuss.

I have had a WTB saddle before, but this PureV Team is meant to be a high-end trail saddle and hopefully suitable for the mixed single track and bridleway riding that I do.

As I could not find it available in the UK this one actually came from USA and was less than £50 with shipping so those of you who have not considered purchasing from the New World might find it worth a try.

After a few rides of varying lengths and types, I am surprised at the comfort as it is extremely light. It has a shorter nose than my old Koobi, which makes it easier to move off the front on extremely steep climbs and more of a scooped shape that holds me in one position. This might mean less adjustment room on long hot summer rides but it feels easier to find the right pedalling position on long uphills when efficiency reaps its rewards.

Overall a surprisingly easy change so if you do not have a saddle that is ideal for you perhaps it is time to seek out a new friend




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