Due to the Facebook route being the most popular I will continue the website but use it as only an access point to Facebook and the regular riders’ contact app.

So please check rides and other details via Facebook.


“you’re doomed”

This was the unexpected answer to the question from the recently returned in-house physiologist. Last Thursday was the driest ride for some time but we only mustered a semi dirty half dozen which was the lowest turnout in several years. Continue reading

Winter Thursday

Last week’s ride was not typical. Carl and I were early and headed out to check the trails before the ride at 7pm. This bit was typical. I had set up ready for a cold, frosty ride with lots of layers and a fat tyre on the front but it seemed slightly mild.WP_20160123_001

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Tuesday’s ride – painful with a difference.

WP_20131123_006 It started off as a regular Tuesday ride with Tom’s warning of gales and mud reducing the field to half the regular size. With Ash in puncture land somewhere on the SDW Tom re-jigged a route to allow a rendez-vous and avoid a headwind or the remnants of the travellers and their detritus. So tarmac, orchard, hill that hurts, horseshoe and another hill that hurts. Definitely not a Thursday ride but not getting dropped and not everyone else found the pace easy.  Finding Ash we turned with the wind and rode the ridgeline. Continue reading

Porc racing

On Sunday Aron and myself headed to Kent to compete in the first round of the PORC DH race series. Neither of us has much experience racing and we’re certainly not downhillers. We don’t even own DH bikes, never mind race them. So turning up on our trailPhoto 1 bikes we did feel a bit out of our depths. It turned out we weren’t the only ones on little bikes. Whilst the majority of the field was a sea of Santa Cruz V10s, Giant Glory’s, and Nukeproof Pulse’s all armed with +200mm of travel and built for the sole purpose of getting down a hill as quickly as possible. A few had arrived on short travel bikes and even a couple of hard-tails were present.
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