Blean Woods


Saturday 16th February a couple of us teamed up with some of the guys from for a blast around their local patch at Blean Woods on the outskirts of Canterbury.

 Prior communication assured us that both the singletrack and fireroads were mud free and that the route was almost 100% off road. After the usual greetings in the carpark we were off and straight into very twisty singletrack that descended to a stream – a few handlebar/tree near misses, a short fireroad climb and more singletrack followed. This was to be the pattern for the next 2.5 hours, 100 metres of fireroad followed by 100 metres of twisty, wooded singletrack. Each woodland seemed to have it’s own personality, from twisty sapling infested woodland to dark and melancholy sections of conifer plantation. A few dips and fallen trees to cross provided technical interest and what seemed to be the final section had a number of plank bridges of varying width to test the nerve.

There is no point in trying to describe where we went as the whole area was new to us and we soon lost all sense of direction but as promised the trails were mud free and the guys are lucky to have this singletrack playground on their doorstep. All in all a cracking ride 20 miles in 2.5 hours and well worth the trip. Thanks to Michael for sharing his encyclopaedic trail knowledge, leading the way and tolerating my buddy who spent the first 2 hours of the ride calling him Australian, a bit of an insult to a Frenchman!

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