Not for me

Sadly I was wrong. I did some research, evaluated the principles and came to the wrong conclusion.

Ergon GP1-L

I have tried these grips on different days, on different routes and in different weather but the only thing that remained the same was that my hands ached.

I think the idea of a heel platform is great, especially for a longer bridleway ride along the South Downs. I accept that on the single-track I might have hold on tight but on the repeated bumpy downhill sections on a chalk ridge I had expected a benefit.

You can rest the heels of your hand to ease your fingers but the large platform necessitates the thumb and forefinger to grasp firmly as your other fingers do not really contribute fully. I found that I did not become accustomed to this and at the end of every ride I had tired hands and tight forearms.

I like the opportunity to change my hand position on a longer ride and perhaps a smaller diameter might help but unfortunately these have not been the solution for me.

But if you think they might work for you then you could try them out on one of the rides.


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