Over lunch on Saturday afternoon at Glyncorrwg we decided to go down the valley to the original Afan trails.

We drove down the valley but you can ride down along the riverbank but of course you would have to ride back up the valley at the end of the day.
The Penhydd is less exciting than the White’s level but more fun perhaps. It does not have the same long initial climb but instead it rocks and rolls through the trees. There are plenty of climbs but as they are not continuous they feel easier.

There are some obstacles and some challenging sections especially if you try to follow the flow of the trail builder and run without braking. My only regular complaint on all man made trails is that some of the hairpins are so tight for the longer frames you are almost stationary at times and the evidence is there to show the exit lines of the unwary.
The Penhydd encourages you to ride continuously from section to section without stopping for food or photographs and is suitable for the less experienced although we would still recommend riding in pads.
Some thought this the best ride of the long weekend with enough fast singletrack to stretch your abilities without punishing you unnecessarily on steep climbs.
There is an important lesson here though. If you want to be in all the photographs make sure that you are first up the climb AFTER the photographer.


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