Old friends

Carson City, straight out of Bonanza, is actually a small, modern, desert town with mainly low rise buildings lying on valley plain. When I was there in 2005 I bought some Specialized shoes in a sale.

I had avoided a race shoe design as I thought it a little foolish for me but the rigid sole does improve the power transfer. Long rides seemed easier as I never had tired or aching feet and even a short ride improved on the rare occasions I tried to sprint up a hill.

You do walk funny though. I have used them as my first choice when it is dry in all seasons and apart from the odd slip climbing a stile or clambering up a muddy slope to get a particular angle on a photograph they have been perfect. Well not perfect for a water splash as the vents on the top that let your foot breathe also let your foot swim, but they dry quick and always feel comfortable.

Until someone gets some nice new soft shoes and it makes you think again. After a longer ride at the weekend I noticed my toes were sore but I discounted this as a knock from a rock or a hidden tree stump.

The next day ,however, I looked at them and felt inside the toes. The little padding that was there is either gone or rumpled up into a bilge and the straps are being to crack with age. I had to think about when I actually bought them but since it was on holiday in the USA I realised that I have used them for over three years. I estimate that may be about five hundred rides so I cannot complain.

I will now start my search for a replacement pair which will require me re-reading every shoe review that I can find as well as trying on as many as possible. But you might like to check the toes of your own shoes to help justify some nice new shiny shoes to use on the summer trails.

So unless my old friends prove their worth as bookends they will be heading for the landfill. The books are available for borrowing by the way.


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