Acid pedals

I bought these Acid 1 pedals as a replacement for my Mallets which are wearing out through the body of the casting where the outside edges of the shoes rub.

I fitted them just before a Wales trip and it may have been a mistake as the burnt orange paint failed to throw off the challenge of the Welsh hills. After a weekend’s riding the pedals had taken multiple hits and looked the worse for wear.

When I had fitted them I was surprised at their weight compared to the Mallets but this would seem to be the unexpected lightness of my old magnesium alloys rather than these new Acids being heavy.
After a month I have now re-greased the spindles so they now run smoothly again. The sealing against the elements seemed improved with little water ingress and the fit of the needle roller bearing to the axle was nice and tight with no play at all.

I find that the platform size is easily large enough for me to start off and then clip in but the grip on the soles of all my shoes is poorer than the Mallets. Most of my shoes and boots clip out easily enough except my Shimano MT’s which struggle to release more than any others so I might try the small metal shields on these to see if it helps.

I seem to getting used to tumbling sideways, still clipped in, as when I try to twist and release the cleat I only succeed in throwing myself earthwards. I suppose it should encourage me to improve my track stands but if need be I will take a sharp knife to the sole to improve the clearance.

I think the mallet is probably a better pedal despite servicing requirements and in its lightweight form a match for most. Mud clearance in all Crank Brother formats is excellent but they can look somewhat clunky. If you have a preference for a frame matching colour then buy the Acids if not stick with the Mallets if you want a platform pedal.


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