It was not manflu so I did not complain.         

I just quietly took to my bed for two days. I did not ask for lunch on a tray or even a drink but manfully struggled on alone through back issues of old mtb magazines in between naps. Now many people will say that if a woman gets a cold it gets ignored as job, kids, housework, laundry, shopping and cooking still need doing. However that is just an ordinary cold.
Luckily I had washed the bike immediately after the last mud fest so even though it was raining and the trails were puddled I dragged myself out of my sickbed to try our normal foray into the dark of a night ride.
Now we rode a bit slower and I allowed a little more time for the hills and I did not thrash through any corners but I kept up fine and enjoyed the whole ride. It probably helped that we were able to avoid the worst of the wet by riding the best draining areas so there was no endless struggles up a muddy hillside and I had wrapped up warm, like your mum used to say, but I felt better afterwards than before.
So if you catch a bug this year remember you may have to miss work and you may have to be excused from all household duties but you can probably manage a ride as part of your recovery.
And if you are out in the night and you hear the wheezing of an imminent corpse with death rattle coming out of the darkness do not be afraid, just please move aside because if I stop I may not get started again.


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