Ride Report Thursday night

There were only the 3 of us myself, Ronnie and Pete who I know from Dirt Devils we set off leaving Sussex University heading north. The weather was horrendous driving rain and a gale blowing from the Arctic.
Ronnie led us up and along the top of the ridge but it wasn’t long before we were on some great single track protected from the weather by the tree cover. I have been riding this area for a number of years now, but have never found this single track that Ronnie took us along.
We finally came out on the edge of a cliff. It was completely dark and Ronnie said stick to the path and don’t drift any more than a foot to the left of it,
There were trees and a fence though to stop any idiot on a mountain bike at 9 o’clock at night in the pouring rain, gale force wind riding straight off the edge.

It was a slog back we were riding against the wind and very muddy. I’m glad Ronnie knew the route because at this point I did not have a clue where we were then guess what? I got a puncture.

Last Thursday night I snapped my rear mech so luck was not with me. Ronnie said we were only about a mile from the university so I got away with just topping the air up a couple of times.

Thoroughly enjoyed it see you next week.


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