Christmas filler

This is not the most obvious mtb accessory

but for those riders who repair the trail occasionally it makes quick work of filling holes or digging a drain channel for the bigger puddles. The best summer tool is probably a garden utility tool combining secateurs and a pruning saw. Our normal pre-ride weekend includes clearing the trail including removing brambles that grab at your ankles and branches that whip around your face.
In the winter holes and puddles is the usual problem although the amount of fallen wood this year has forced the folding saw to work overtime on the bigger logs.
Extending an existing trail or expanding a narrow track requires a bit of lifting, a lot of pruning and loads of scraping to expose the harder base. The serrated edge of the spade is great for this. Technical obstacles need a bit of digging to secure a log or level a ramp and the pick and shovel are ideal here making short work of quite large areas.
So after a month of frequent use I have found it light enough to carry on all our short rides, it folds small so it does not take up much room in a backpack, it is quick to assemble and dismantle and seems robust.
It comes in a small pack which is just big enough, and not a millimetre too large, which I clip to an outside pocket of a backpack using a small carabiner. The extended handle screws in and the locking ring holds the head firmly either as a spade or as a pick. So for ten pounds from Maplins add the ideal stocking filler to your Christmas list.


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