Having had a full size backpack for years it seems that everyone else is moving to a smaller size but still managing to fit everything required into the smaller pockets. I use a slightly smaller size for summer evening use but as it is not waterproof it needs a cover in rain or in muddy conditions. It is orange though.Looking at all the new models being launched my criteria included dry back and waterproof. Lots of pockets would be nice but the critical factor would be colour. Anything called camo, skidmark or brown would not make the list. I liked the praticality of the Wingnut, waterproof and dry back, but starship trooper silver….
Camelbak had the Mule as the forerunner but everyone else including Decathlon seemed to have reasonable contenders too. After much ado I could not decide on anything with certainty so eventually I resorted to Plan B.
I would buy another pack as an interim solution and as it is interim solution it does not count so I can then buy another pack later. Seems logical and reasonable. So this is a review of a possible or a probable but not a definite choice.
The Scudo is one of the new lightweight packs with a better padding arrangement for a less sweaty back then previous Camelbak product but maybe a trampoline or the equivalent is better still. Multiple pockets make for easier sorting and finding so this single main pocket waterproof pack is not the best option.
It has a single main pocket with separate bladder pocket, a front pocket with two net pockets and a key loop and a central open section for a helmet or waterproof.
It does not have a sunglasses pocket, a zip pocket for money, waist strap pockets or any harness pockets but it does have a rain cover. The bladder section has a full length zip which makes it really easy to fit in the full bladder and two options for hose routing.
It is very light, it is less sweaty and everything can be fitted inside. The straps need careful adjustment but it rides light on your back even when full. The central net section is very useful for tubes and spades but a karabiner or two stops anything bouncing out.
A smaller lighter pack is a considerable advantage on both short and longer rides due to less weight on your back but you may need to pack carefully. Even on a short ride the weight advantage is very noticeable and I do not struggle with a full day pack filled with extra layers and sandwiches.
Overall then the Scudo is a nice lightweight pack but with less pockets then you might prefer and is a great interim solution.
Most importantly it comes in orange.


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