3 men in a shed

New brakes, new fork, new wheels.
Rich wanted to fit his festive treats onto his Specialized which is rapidly turning into the six million dollar bike.
His new Mavic wheels had new tubes and tyres – very smart. Just need to swap the cassette. Simple enough but it did not fit. So we start measuring 8 speed cassettes, 9 speed cassettes freewheel hub lengths. Nothing missing Rich? No. Look in the box. Sure?
Find another spacer on another wheel. Cassette on and torqued for the third time.
Brakes next. Look in the box. What’s this Rich?
Re-do the cassette again with the supplied spacer.
Merlin 1 Rich 0
New Revelation fork so swap over the crown race and fit using bespoke tool cruelly referred to as waste pipe. Fit top cap nut using some copper pipe and a plastic hammer. Ridiculous remarks about plumbing. Manfully hold back detailed explanation on the difference between malleable and ductile properties of different materials.
Fit spacers, more spacers, stem, strip more pacers from other bike, fit them too.
Bolt on SLX brakes and nearly perfect first time. Much better than my Avid brakes for fitting. Pump up fork and out of the door for some pad bedding and trial riding.
Two hours, great fun and three old fools laughing out loud in the dark.


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