Ride Report Thursday 2nd April

Stanmer at night

Stanmer at night

Tonight was my first ride with the folks from Brighton mtb. Graham ,who I ride with in the Dirt Devils, had told me about the night rides around Stanmer but it was another mate, Paul, who had said lets go out with him rather than slogging up to Holmbury on the North Downs the night before. As it turned out Paul didn’t make it this evening but a mutual friend, Gary, came along with me.

We met a Scotsman with an orange Ibis Mojo in the car park, I would have ordered that colour myself if I new how bright it was. About 15 people turned up and we went straight up into the woods at a civilised pace which made a pleasant change from the lung busting first climbs I’m used to. Things got interesting pretty quickly as we followed what must be some sort of rabbit trail through the trees.  I’m glad I don’t have wide bars on the bike!

Things got more interesting as the light faded and the obstacles became less obvious, it must have been around that point that we realised that we’d lost Ronnie and two others. We waited around while someone fixed a puncture, when that was done and they still hadn’t materialised we thought briefly about sending out a search party into the woods but decided to continue  up the road and back into the trees for some more logs, roots and  faster trails. The numbers were made up we picked up a couple of groups mutual friends in the woods.

Before I knew it we were heading back to the car park and the ride was over, what’s more it was only about nine o’clock which can’t be bad. Great ride, excellent trail making and good company. I was surprised to find so many trails in there but I doubt I could string more than two of them together on my own. I don’t think I’ve ever ridden through such tight, twisty, lumpy terrain before despite having ridden around Stanmer for several years on and off. I’ll be back for more if I can get out on a Thursday night again.

Cheers, Jason

Just an additional note to say the reason we always have someone as sweeper is to ensure no one gets left behind. ….. Ronnie


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