Something for the weekend?

There are several bike tool sets available now and most of them are quite expensive This one form Lidl is cheap  and may contain some tools that are not commonly used but could be ideal for a weekend away in Wales where something will break.

The quality of the tools is much better than I expected with the chain tool straight and strong and coped easily with chain duties. Cassette tool has been used for a few off and on’s with no slips or major wear. This comes with a spanner/lever which is much better than a large spanner and using the quick release or even a ratchet set when I drop the cassette tool onto the floor under the toolbox every time.

Some bits, e.g. puncture outfit, screwdriver, small spanner, are a bit cheap and cheerful and not workshop quality but for emergency use seem fine.

Chain whip does not flex and the cone spanners have an accurate mouth but 17mm is missing so XT rear hub needs another size.

There a couple of other items that will appeal to the old roadie within you but some items have a modern application with one being used last night on a Chris King hub instead of the bespoke tool.

Overall worth buying if they have any left in a store near you and marks out of ten – nine. Now if they had been orange….


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