Chris at CLIC24

Chris at CLIC24

Chris at CLIC24

As a few of the regulars know I have been training for CLIC24 which is in Cheddar, Somerset. The weekend started as a blustery evening as I struggled to erect my gazebo by myself, which I later took it down as it nearly blew away!

The other two members of my team arrived Saturday morning, as the storm clouds gathered. The first lap was a memorial lap as the event was in aid of Cancer and Leukemia in Children and also the organiser had recently lost his wife to cancer. The course started with a nice tarmac climb then a nice descent along the valley, then a super rocky descent, then the long climb back up valley, with a short super steep climb at the end which lead onto a section of marshy land, then another fast rocky descent back onto the road for the last mile.

The team got a good start and I went back out for my second lap, which went well until the last mile, when the heavens opened at I got a good soaking from the sleet and rain.

As the laps drew on the night set in and the mud started to ease, I’d recently purchased a head torch which was really handy and helped me keep up the quick laps.

As my team became increasingly tired the swift change over became a longer affair as I dragged them from their cars and got them riding, but as the sun came up we were in a good position and just kept going. I rode the final lap which felt really good and I was clearing hills in the middle ring where’d I’d been using the granny before, I squeezed the last lap in with 10minutes to spare, before the heavens opened again, soaking any spectators.

In the end we came 9th out of 71 teams which I think is good for a team of 3



4 thoughts on “Chris at CLIC24

  1. Yeah the gears were required to make me faster =)

    Came 8th overall as well, not that it matters too much…….

  2. ……not to mention that kiddy seat on the back and some sort of book stand on the front so you can read if the course gets boring.

  3. Did it 2 years ago as a team of 3. We bailed at about 9am as we were all cold and soaked and tired. Well done for braving the conditions, Its very open up on the moor section and quickly turns to a bog. Hope the cakes were as god as they usually are.

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