Chris at Set2Rise

Chris at Set2Rise

Chris at Set2Rise

After a rest following CLIC24 my  next race rolled along…Set2Rise
Luckily the weather was perfect, as I arrived to meet my team met, we had never met before and the nerves started to build, despite being assured I wouldn’t be the slowest there………

The race started at 6pm, the first lap was a fast pace as I made my way through the pack, having not the ridden the course before I wasn’t aware where, and how long the hills were, so each climb I powered up only to discover they were longer than I expected, one in particular was quite a beast.

I made it in to swap over with my team mate, and take on more fluid as it was alot hotter than I thought. On my second lap the riders had thinned out and I could really enjoy the single track, which was brilliant! challenging but super flowing and fast, and plenty off places to over take.

When I came back in to swap over the evening rolled on and it started getting darker and the course started getting faster, or I did, much to the annoyance of my team mate, but we were moving up the positions, up into 8th.

As it passed 3am I was still feeling strong, and keeping my lap times consistent as did my team mate, as we moved up to 7th.

The sun came up and the race came to an end with my last lap in the freezing mist. We came 7th out of 21 pairs which was reasonable and hopefully I can only get faster in the future. Really great race though and one of the best courses I have ridden.

In other news I’m splashing out on getting my forks serviced at TF tuned, they are local to my parents so I can save on postage. I’ll be at the regular Thursday evening ride using my old Fox rl’s.



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