Ride Report: Saturday 1st August



3 weeks ago I had some kind of brainstorm about my present physical activities as I spend a lot of time behind a computer and my belly is getting bigger, hands thinner and head heavier. Outcome of that was the decision to buy an MTB! And so it happened.

2 weeks ago I bought my first MTB bike and searched the internet for places where I could go and start learning and riding. I came across Brightonmtb.org and here we go…….. a bunch of enthusiastic riders, who will never leave you behind, are willing to help with everything related to MTB and most importantly doing 3 rides per week regardless the weather. I contacted them and a couple of weeks ago joined for my first ride. I have no skills whatsoever but my first outing with them was a nice fluent ride (in my opinion).

Saturdays are “made” for less experienced people (none in my case) with a focus on practicing technical riding skills rather than a fast and furious ride. We slowly rolled through some hand-build tracks in the forest, practising techniques how to get over simple obstacles like small rocks, logs and fallen trees. The guys took me to a nice spot for bit of jumping practice (one foot high jump). After a couple of demonstrations and words of encouragement I had a go and a few attempts later and I managed to “jump” and land safely on both wheels at the same time. Great, first success!

The whole session took about 2 hours and 30 minutes, the guys were great, the weather was good (at least in the morning) and the whole experience was positive so I am looking forward to next Saturday and possibly even Thursday, to try to add some speed to it.

I also realised that wet roots are not MTB rider’s friends.


Oh and one more thing. It seems to be that right now I am the only one non-UK MTB learner in this group so if there are any more foreigners who would like to join. Just do it (Nike) – no problem at all.

Martin Pelikan


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