Ride Report 15th November 09: Whiteways


Half-way round
Half Way Round

Colin from Muddy Moles

Since having the link to Brighton MTB on our Muddymoles blog, I’ve been a cyberspace admirer of the riding at their disposal and what they get up to out on the trails.

My efforts to organise an official presence of mm’s on yesterday’s ride were not successful but I was still dead keen to attend so with the blessing of my wife, God bless her, I pitched up in the car park at Bury Hill for my first Brighton MTB ride. 

OK, whilst it wasn’t raining, conditions were not exactly ideal due to the recent deluges, but you can’t whine about it, just get out and ride.  And what a ride it was.  I’d love to be able to tell you where we went but I actually have no idea.  Lets just say it was the classic Whiteways route concocted (and built in places) by Brighton MTB.

It started on a bit of a downer when Mike got a branch caught in his rear mech which not only got dumped on the floor, but his titanium mech hanger was bent in the process and the thread stripped.  After the usual ‘how many blokes does it take to mend an xxxx’ scenario, we were on our way again, with Mike having to nurse his bike round for the rest of the day.

There followed an abundance of singletrack, large number of drops and roll-ins and a very sizeable helping of p1ss taking, mostly directed at moi and Andy.  Why me?  Well I was looking a bit pimped-up in a brand new White Gore Phantom jacket and white shoes.  That in itself made me fair game but what made it worse was that the combination of a Neoguard on the forks and a crud catcher meant I got barely a speck of mud on me, unlike the others who were plastered in the stuff.  Nothing like a bit of good ole British mickey taking to break the ice and make you feel welcome!

As for Andy, well lets just say that anyone riding such an awesome bike as his Intense Tracer is always going to be fighting against accusations of ‘all the gear, no idea’, everyone waiting to capitalise on his every misdemeanour.  Falling off in style and in front of most of the group on at least two occasions only stoked up the level of ribbing in his direction and thankfully diverted it from me for a short while. It was great to meet everyone and it reminded once again that the beauty of mountain biking is that you can turn up with your bike, as a newbie in a large and well-established group and instantly be made to feel like one of the gang.

Whilst us ‘Northerners’ (as I was referred to yesterday) think that we are lucky oop North in Surrey, there’s a big world out there and you guys darn souf clearly have a lot of trails and a lot of fun within easy reach too.

The 20 mile loop had the epic feel about it, with a little of everything but most importantly, finishing with a massive bang thanks to the final singletrack section full of crests, berms and a large roll-in.  If Carlsberg did route planning, they would always finish this way-guaranteed to leave a large grin on your face for the rest of the day.

For sure, I would love to join you again and thanks to all for such an enjoyable day’s riding.

Colin, aka Whiteboy

4 thoughts on “Ride Report 15th November 09: Whiteways

  1. SUPERB RIDE!!! I love mud!
    Someone in our house switched off the water heating while I was going through muddy hell and of course I went from bike straight to the shower…that was cold!
    Well, the next day most of normally moving parts on my bike stopped moving and those that didn’t became very noisy.

  2. Good to meet you & I loved the shoes really, Colin…just couldnt bring myself to admit it!!

    Was chuffed to get the chance to ride on the weekend as well (cheers Wifey) – well lead by Mike, superb loop and excellent company

    Cheers Folks!

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