Tuesdays and Thursday

Should you go out on a Tuesday night or a Thursday night. Well the answer is obvious

go out on both

Thursday nights and Tuesday nights are of different flavours with the Thursday night ride covering all the single track and trying to avoid the worst of the mud. We used to be able to avoid all of the mud but the increased trail usage makes that difficult now.

Twists and turns and obstacles and banter are the fare of Thursday and hopefully with the lighter evenings we can keep it flowing a little better.

Last Thursday I tried to keep a lower pace and reduce the stops although a few of the keener souls always seem to find a hill and want to go straight up. Maybe I am one of the few that prefers to zig and zag.

It went quite well until we realised that the headcount had dropped. Somewhere in the dark two of us were wandering lost in the trails and none of us had noticed. Apologies for this and I will keep a better headcount from now on.

Most of the night ran without stops excepting Pete and his puncture so we managed to cover quite a few trails and who knows how many we could enjoy if it dries up.

Tuesday night is meant to be a little bit quicker but covers most of the ground on bridleways so the technical challenge is less. The pace is higher and would suit everyone who can ride the Thursday with ease. Faster riders hold gates and wait at the top of the hills or a change of direction point so it is possible to even the pace a little to help eke out strength and energy.

Riding a little lighter than normal can help so do not carry extra layers, water, cameras or in my case everything, unless you want to feel it on your back on every hill.

You do ride faster and stops are infrequent but it is not too quick. You still have time to admire the view and even grab a energy bar and, at the end, feel slightly smug about the ground you have covered.

So come along on Thursday and be persuaded to ride on Tuesday.


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