Out in the dark

It started with a couple of people meeting in the car park but slowly it turned into a small crowd.

Lots of faces turned up, some old, some new, at least one with something borrowed and one with a great coloured tyre.


We changed the ride to Type III last night. Over winter some riders had found the pace a little slow and the stops too long and too frequent so I had tried to make recent Thursdays a little more continuous to find the happy medium. Riding without a break proved unpopular to many so a change of plan was required.

With the new Tuesday rides attracting some additional spring interest there is a clear opportunity to ride a bit further and a bit quicker so the space for Thursday as the fun night is a little more distinct.

So last night included some repeated loops in the light and even a mini session over a jump or two. This allowed a break for some and additional practice for others but seemed well received. A couple of multiple links allowed a longer set of trails than normal but everyone ran the whole set as one.

Only one puncture was good. Have I mentioned Dr Sludge slime tubes? The odd chain jump, the occasional slip and one very disturbing noise from the woods behind me were the only sources of worry. Two deer waited in ambush on the Pallet trail but I bravely faced them down.

There were a few others out in the gloom but we only received one greeting. The rest disappeared at the first sign of our lights. The new Scrapyard trail was all ride-able but may need another spare wheel or dashboard to keep the theme going. It attracted lots of favourable comments so the builders gain a dash of appreciation.

As the bluebells are nearly out everything is a little tighter and a little neater and that seems to even the pace in the single-track for some reason or maybe I was just slow. Obstacles were dry and I missed anyone who had a big slide so speed was higher as confidence of the group grew. Obviously this meant a jam on the Wrangler trail but we all ended up together at the end.

We finished with another trio of trails and for the first time the group split just before the end back at the cars.

Next week will be different trails but hopefully will still be fun. Maybe we will see you there.


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