Who is out there?

Site statistics give us information on the number of people who visit the site each day, each week etc. About two hundred people visit each day with over one thousand on the busiest days. Lots of people come direct but we are also found via searches on google etc, whenever someone searches for a ride, a bike or a bit of kit.

In our charts for the last year at number three pop pickers we have the Ay Up light review at 860  reads. At number two is the Intense Tracer and Blur LT2 with 1831 hits and at number one with a massive 3224 hits is the article on the Cotic Soda and On One 456 Ti.

Ride reports get at least one hundred reads which is a little surprising as twenty would be a reasonable number of people on a ride, over time many ride reports reach well into the hundreds. The highest number of hits of this category is ‘Bad Luck’ at 667.

The Big Dog 09 photo section is very popular, we assume that a lot of people / riders are  looking for themselves in an action shot. The best picture on the day was of course the ” how to fly in to a tree” by Rich. Not counting the photo hits 448 folks read the Big Dog 09 story.

So if you are a more recent discoverer of our site delve into the past and perhaps you will find a review of interest or a ride report written by someone on their first time out. It might surprise you to find that many riders have had a similar reaction first time out, especially in the dark.

If you want to know exactly how many people have read your article then drop an email and I will seek out the stats. We welcome any submissions, articles, reviews, or stories of a ride  just send them as a MS-Word document to the usual e-mail address together with a photo.


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