What a Difference a Day Makes

Actually it’s not so much a day, more that it was day. Sunday was the second time I had been out with the Brighton MTB group. I had ventured out on a Thursday evening with one inadequate mounted light and an illusive head torch (still illusive!!). It was a great evening and having never been out with them before, a baptism of fire. I am not hugely experienced at these non-purpose built single tracks so in heavy mud with exposed tree roots all over I slipped and slid my way around. Guided by the lights of others I eventually arrived back at the car park in one piece.

Not deterred I went out on the Sunday for Smiles not Miles. A small group of six headed out; my fear is always the pace and being a bit of a sandbag. No problems there, I sort of kept up for most of it and in only a few short days the ground had really dried out. After some varied single track that, in the daylight, was manageable, we headed across the A27 to another wooded area. Wild Park (if that’s the name) was not so much wild but there were a number of ramps and jumps whose construction left a bit to be desired and were clearly not for the faint hearted. In fact some, the group decided were best left well alone.

The trails were varied and quite quick in places, and with tight turns, logs and the ever present tree roots there were a couple of tumbles, myself included. The benefit of the morning appeared to be that it would cater for varying ability with bits for those who liked a challenge and no obligation for those who didn’t. I was able to try most things but I am fairly up for giving it a go.

Some of the tracks took a little more skill than I possess but all in all it was a good morning out covering a few miles and learning a fair bit along the way. The guys were very patient and tolerant and made me feel welcome. I would definitely recommend a ride with BrightonMTB.



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