Chris has been racing

Thought I’d give you a quick update on my riding, did the 3rd round of the Gorrick series today, decided to race open as I’m never sure what level I am. The pack started slower than I expected so I made my best effort to push through, but its tricky in a big group, so I was held up in the singletrack which saw the leaders disappear as I found it difficult to overtake in the twisty singletrack and I try to be as polite as possible.

I rode the rest of the race really well, made up quite a few places up and finished 15th out of 85, 7 minutes behind the winner in 1hr 13.

I was satisfied with the result as first ride with gears and suspension in a long while, but I feel I could have raced better in sport (4 laps) where I’d get held up less, but I’m more relieved to get a solid result. I’m considering racing the soggy bottom in Plymouth next weekend, then the 4th round of the Gorricks is the weekend after where I’d consider going up a category. Then I’ve got a 12hr early may and another late May and I’ve entered the Big Dog in August.

Decided against the Tallboy in the end, I’ll consider it again if I start racing 24hr’s. So I built my Genesis back up as it is a nice frame, its got Rockshox 120mmSID xx’s with remote lock-out,Hope race x2 brakes, I splashed out on the Alligator i-link cables, its a complete insert down to the rear mech, as my cables run under the bb they tend to get crudded up so this should help them run smoother for longer.

In all its just under 22lbs with tubeless tyre back and tubed front, I’m considering a new wheel set as it’ll be handy in my longer races if the conditions change et to have a spare with different tyres.

So hopefully I’m making progress and now its drying out a little it will make life easier!



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