My first ride at Stanmer Park with Brighton MTB

Driving to the car park at the Sussex Uni sports centre I was feeling pretty nervous about a few things,
firstly I’m pretty quiet and not that great at meeting people, secondly, I hadn’t really ridden properly for seven years and lastly I was concerned about my fitness as I didn’t really know what to expect from the ride.
As it turned out there was no need for my anxiousness, everyone was really friendly and laid back, when we were about to leave one of the guys got a puncture so we did a 10 minute loop which meant we came back past the car to pick him up, it was great to see that the group don’t leave anyone behind (it was reassuring for me as I was already pretty out of breath!).
The riding was great, tight, twisty singletrack interspersed with some good climbs. Some of the singletrack was fairly open and fast and other sections were very tight and off camber which made for some exciting times. There was one section with a few jumps which were rollable if you didn’t fancy launching off them in to the blackness. Riding in the dark is brilliant and if you have never done it you should definitely give it a go, if you haven’t got lights I believe you can borrow some.
There were a few times I fell behind but there was always someone on hand to give me encourage and to make sure I knew where I was going. The whole group stops at regular intervals so everyone can regroup and if it’s a fast downhill section they will let the quicker riders go first.
If you’re thinking of coming you really should, it’s a friendly, fun group doing a great sport.’
See you next Thursday,

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