mini maintenance


ExtrIMG_3670a hands make light work and all that so a couple of sections re-routed and some of the motorway width trails narrowed back down to their original size. Laurie brought this clever garden tool that made light work of scraping mud, levelling lumps and raking level but the spikes sticking out his back pack were absolutely lethal. Helen, never been on a ride, but came to help brought a folding garden bag that allowed us to move big volumes quickly and easily and will go on my Christmas list.


So we scraped away lots of mud, repaired lots of holes and put in a mini berm to keep you on track when hurtling through the trees and over the logs in the still of the night. It should make  some of the worst bits a little drier and faster and rideable for another wet period. Obviously there are lots of trails that need work so off we went to ride some more, remove fallen branches and note the worst bits for another day. Wrangler has a short bypass to help wear in one section but I hope most of the changes are invisible.

Some trails can be ridden in both directions and this makes some obstacles almost impossible going uphill for most of us. Some riders do not seem to have this difficulty as Laurie demonstrated riding up the “podium”. New fencing makes “Ill”  longer but the stepdowns are considerable at the end obstacles. We did not ride Ill2 but Ill3 was clear to ride and the obstacles fine.


On the list for the next time is all the holes. If you have a little time to fill a hole in any trail, just one even, that would help keep the trails running a little better.


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