How to get to the front on your Thursday rides in 3 easy steps…

This is part of a series of articles related to fitness and exercise written for us specifically.

This first one should help with the New year resolutions….


  1. Ride on another day!

By riding a second day your body can actually start to adjust to the idea of exercising regularly and you really will reap the benefits. The second ride a couple of days later not only keeps your legs fresh by getting them moving it also starts to build a bit of fitness by continuing the progress made on your Thursday ride. The saying goes “if you don’t use it, you lose it”- 2 days after your Thursday ride you start losing any benefits you may have gained from it so by doing the second ride a few days later you build on the benefits which will inevitably make you just that little bit faster getting you to the front first!

  1. Eat less fatty and sugary foods

It’s the fatty sugary foods that always “taste so good” that are slowing you down. Its been said for years, everyone knows it, but how many people actually do it?! Its simple start small cut out your daily chocolate bar or crisps, or your 3 cans of coke you just have to have to get through the day. You don’t need it, I promise and it will make you slower not only from the extra pounds to carry round the trail but the sugar rush high too. That high means you must have a low…if that happens during your Thursday ride you’ll never get to the front so best to avoid it happening all together – just in case!

  1. Do a body weight circuit – even just once a week for 20 mins

20 minutes – Surely that not going to even do anything is it?! One simple 20 minute circuit is an ideal way to get a bit of muscle strength conditioning in perfect for powering up those hills getting you ahead of the pack. For mountain biking you don’t need to be in the gym for an hour every day to get better, you need to be light but strong. This is exactly what a circuit gives you without the hassle of gyms, memberships and hours wasted when you would much rather be playing on the bike with the other little boys; but nearer the front…


20 seconds on 20 seconds off repeat the 10 exercises twice if you can…three times if you dare!


Press ups

Sit ups with a twist

Step ups

Tricep dips

Star Jumps

Sit ups


Sit up and reach up

Calf raises



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