night riding

First Thursday Night Ride – 26/09/2013, latest night ride 28/11/132013-01-10 19.08.05

I’d been away from Mountain Biking for about ten years. I gave my self a kick up the derrière and got back into the saddle and after some solo time (that sounds a little wrong!) and a new bike, I thought it would be a good idea to see if there was anyone else I could ride with.

Thanks to the power of Google I discovered Brighton MTB and joined them on one of their Thursday night rides. It was great to be led around Stamner Park through some of the great trails. The sight of 15 illuminated bikes cutting through the trees was amazing.

I will be back for more.


True to his word Toby has out again last night hurtling through the dark, holding pace with the pack on the singletrack and coping with all the uphill stuff without complaint. He did slip at one point and I was forced to stop otherwise I would have coped with a greasy, muddy stump easily of course but to make him feel better I waddled like a duck astride the bike over the next two to save his feelings but obviously could have managed this easily – easily.

I did slide into a tree at a later point and he did not repay the favour and made it seem easy as he casually waited and rode around it as if it was not difficult at all. My feelings were hurt at at that point.

So if you have been away for a while, e.g. ten years like Toby, then you could take a chance and return to the saddle. You also receive the cast iron guarantee that a full winter’s riding will bring you up to our gold standard of “barely mediocre” like the rest of us.




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