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Happy New Year!

2014 is welcomed in with strong winds, torrential rain and a slight hangover! The dry, fast rolling trails of summer 2013 are now just a distant memory. Instead, this seasonal weather has blessed Brighton with saturated ground and fallen trees.

All this does not sound particularly enticing, but the first rides back after Christmas have proved to be most entertaining. The slick ground conditions have truly tested the cornering ability of even the cockiest riders. In fact, the slick ground conditions have tested most people’s ability to keep the bike upright in a straight line. But not to worry; the mud provides a soft landing. Fallen trees have diverted trials or provided new obstacles to tackle. Strong tailwinds have led to some record times on the climbs, while strong headwinds have surprised us all with unusually exhausting descents.

The empty promise of the next trail been dry has amused some, but the genuine promise of jelly babies has been well received by all. As fun as these first rides of 2014 have been, as one Brighton MTB member put it, things can only get better from here!

Steve A


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