Tyred Rob

After the awful winterIMG_3705 we have endured and the weather starting to look a little drier (I spoke to soon!)WP_20140103_001 I was in the market for some summer tyres. WP_20140117_002Something a little faster rolling than the Continental Baron’s I have been rocking all winter but still reasonably aggressive and super grippy to suit my riding style.IMG_0812 Having been very impressed with the Black Chilli compound on the Baron’s I decided to stick with Continental and after studying various tyres and the table of suitability on their website I had decided on Trail King 2.2, the renamed Rubber Queens from previous years.

A quick Google of these tyres left me with a sinking feeling stanmer mudas I discovered they generally retail at around £50.00 each in the UK, yikes!photo 4 Then I stumbled upon Starbike.com They are based in Germany mbbut ship to the UK for very reasonable rates and provide you with DHL international tracking numbers and delivery usually takes just 3 to 4 working days. If your order is over 500 euros shipping is free. I managed to pick up a pair of tyres and get them shipped to the UK for £75.00

As promised my tyres arrived in a few days and I quickly went about getting them on the bike and set up tubeless. I had been running the Baron’s tubeless for a few weeks with no problems whatsoever but seemed to have an issue getting the rear Trail King to seal. Strange I thought as they are UST tyres on UST rims? Turns out the sealant I was using wasn’t up to much so a quick trip to Evans and a cup cupfull of Stan’s done the trick!

So with my tyres all set up and holding pressure it was off to Wales for a weekend of slogging around the Forest of Dean and a day of uplift assisted riding at Bike Park Wales.Laurie The going was wet, very wet, but we never actually got rained on which was a bonus. Bike Park Wales’ trails are designed really well and the surface rides almost as fast in the wet as it does in the dry. So after all the faff of getting my tyres successfully set up before the trip you could say I was more than a little peeved when I got a flat on my second run! The culprit was a tiny tear in the sidewall of my rear tyre, something that I wasn’t expecting as I had opted for the ‘Protection’ version of the tyre to avoid such incidents. So back in with a tubetube then for the time being.


As I was not pleased with the short lived performance of the tyre I decided to contact Starbike.com once I had returned home. The guys at Starbike were very helpful and after I had sent them a photo of the tyre dispatched a replacement straight away. I am very grateful to them for this and my way of thanking them is to recommend them to all who read this.

So next time you need anything for your bike remember to check out http://www.starbike.com



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