Victoria’s Blind date

How to start my night…

riding career?  During daylight I ride alone, but know this is not such a cool thing to do after dark.  I was yet to invest in some lights.  What I was looking for was a friendly bunch of riders who would chaperone me… and lend me some lights.
www searching pointed me in the direction of Brighton mtb. so I arranged a date with Ronnie!
Once all set up we launched off into the misty darkness of Stanmer Park. There was relaxed, friendly banter, on subjects broader than latest upgrades, and no man-xplaining.  We were even distributed with everlasting jelly tots at half time.
Riding in the dark added an extra layer of excitement to mtb’ing and being outdoors on a beautiful autumn night was far better than a winter resorted  spin class. But the most positive thing I felt was the balance between being encouraged to try challenging stuff and not feeling like a nonce for messing up or taking the occasional chicken run.
I will get some lights, but will return for the chaperoning.

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