Brighton MTB – one year on.

I had been mountain biking for a couple of years but was looking to get out more regularly so I turned up in the dark one Thursday evening for a blind date with 15 random blokes.

My sister said I was mad and she was right. Its fair to say that ride almost killed me. Two weeks later, still suffering from the after effects, I tried to explain to my doctor that I didn’t feel very well and it might have something to do with the 15 blokes I went on a blind date with.
He didn’t laugh.
He told me I was stupid and not to do it again.
So I ignored him and a year later here I am still riding – an awesome bike it has to be said – sometimes with 25 random blokes and some ace girls and have gone from Queen of the Sofa to Queen of the Mountain (sorry Hels if any of those were yours Emoji).IMG_0811
And I have been places too. The worst place was A&E.
The best place – well I can’t really choose there has been so many but I have jumped, dropped, slid and this week flowed my way down the fastest, steepest, gnarliest, techiest trails than ever before and just because one day I turned up to a car park in Brighton and John F was the most patient back marker ever and the next week Ronnie took me on as a project and then Rob taught me to jump.
There is not a lot I can do to return the favour given my questionable skills in photographing moving things so I make cake to express my gratitude and don’t cry on the climbs.
If you have ever thought you might want to ride with Brighton MTB – do it.
Two things are guaranteed.
Firstly, you will meet great people, learn new stuff and become a better rider.
Secondly, you will crash and when you do someone will pick up your bag and your glasses and your helmet and check out you and your bike. If you’re ok – everyone will move on and if you’re not – someone will drive you to A&E.
Win win.

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