“you’re doomed”

This was the unexpected answer to the question from the recently returned in-house physiologist. Last Thursday was the driest ride for some time but we only mustered a semi dirty half dozen which was the lowest turnout in several years.

As we are usually a teens group the conditions are probably the reason that many riders are absent from proceedings. A short, dry spell is usually the signal for a gradual return over the next few weeks before the clock change forces the hibernators from their caves.

However other questions are raised by this including how fit will you be on your return. If, like me, you attended school shortly after the second world war then games were compulsory and my timetable included seven hours in the school week. In addition we lived outside so evenings and weekends were filled with healthy sports, i.e. not E-sports, then you developed muscles and lungs and heart and stuff or in essence an engine.

If this was your own background and you competed seriously in something then, if you are young still, then maybe three weeks away will take you the same time to get roughly back to the condition you were in before. Three months however may take a more serious approach and you might have to train. Oh dear eh?

If you are unsupported by a cold shower school history and perhaps with less background in more serious training then your own base engine might need a little more tuning to get back to full output so I asked for a super simple 3 step guide to help you return to the fold.

step 1 – Short rides  – at least twice per week are better than one longer ride.

step 2 – Ride up  – don’t just trundle but dig in and ride up something that produces jelly legs and has your heart rate up high and you breathing too hard to talk.

step 3 – Core – I received a complete and thorough explanation of the reasons but will just describe what you should do. Hold a book with straight arms above your head and walk around for one minute. Do this lots of times e.g. TEN times per day.

And the question?

” How easy would it be for a rider who has been out of the saddle for a few months to jump back on and race a few of us up a  proper hill?”

If you think this is wrong then we can test the theory on Thursday night.


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