today’s prizes


no longer orange enough

Steve (steveW rather than steveA) seems to have usurped the orange prize of the day. He nearly won the really awkward little jumps but was beaten to that by John (F that is) who popped everyone to be the only success. Rob wins the “I know I can do it but you think I will die prize ” on the big jumps but only managed the first couple. His back wheel wins the strength prize of the day.

I did think a big fall could result in injury and death and Rob was the only trier however Lou was there and had already won the photographer prize despite her protestations that her expertise is blunted by people moving and she is only expert in the dead people category. So Rob would have had a great photo at least.

Mark (P that is) won the best big jump of the day eclipsing Rob in the success stakes by jumping high, jumping long and landing perfectly softly. Andy (L that is ) wins the most lives lost in a single jump (eight out of 9) as he landed completely flat on his hardtail and shot sideways off the trail in an upright but pedal free position. Bravely he attempted the same jump several times using the novel technique of landing with the brakes on. His justification was that it reduced the walk back up the hill.

Luke (T that is) , David (B that is) and John (F that is) vied for the hesitation prize but all lost when they all managed a first jump missing the hole of doom. Luke wins the overcoming uncertainty prize as only he thought he lost all his jump skills. John also won the somersault prize earlier and Rob awarded him the yard sale prize when he surveyed the helmet, glasses, bike and body spread all around. Rob at the same time won the “lack of sympathy” prize.

The mountain bike climb secret weapon prize was won by David as he has the biggest beard as it seems that climbing prowess correlated directly with beard length. Andy argued colour (beware ginger content) but Laurie (absent that is) proves the negative so his theory was shot down in flames (reddish). Everyone seemed unaware of the Andy Hamilton (old harry’s game that is) reason for ginger hair.

Mark also won the ” do not practice what you preach” prize by not wanting to remove his gloves for the sweet share. His justification as an expert in how to poison yourself he was sure he would be fine as my hands would be clean and he may be right but leprosy is not that obvious to some. Lou won the cake prize easily again.

My strava signal was lost in the aether so started at the tail on the first run through the bombholes and won the “when you change fork settings and hurtle foolishly into a bombhole as if you are invulnerable and about twenty five then you will almost certainly wheelie out the other side so fast that you will take about a year off your life” prize.

I will never do that again. I do not have nearly enough years to gamble a day now.

Good conditions, good trails thanks to Friston Fairies, good weather and great company.