winter lights for summer


This giant innew lightsect eye of a light is the ultrafire new boy with U-L2 emitters that help you hurtle through the darkness rather than trundle in the gloom. Seven little stars produce a huge spread of even light   sufficient to swallow the rider in the front at every turn.

A claimed figure of many, many candles seems about right but the quality of light is always the key area. Halos or dark spots miss vital hollows or logs in the dark but this one-eyed monster simply floods the trail. Long range reach is great but less pencil and more searchlight so perhaps a helmet set spot would help to focus your attention in one area.

The overall size is larger and the simple rubber loop has needed a little extra friction on my skinny handlebars. I tried tape and inner tube but the solution was to use some racket tape used on tennis and badminton rackets. It can still rotate in the event of a tumble but is wobbleless on normal trails. It may take a little adjustment to get the grip correct for bigger drops but perhaps a fatter handlebar will hold it easily. Continue reading


“On me head”

I have tried my HID light on the handlebars and on a helmet mount and although the bar position is convenient I see better with the light on my head. Continue reading