First ride: On-One Scandal 29er v2




The build



I was after a reasonably priced 29er hardtail which I could cobble together with old parts and then use for cross-Downs duties and as a winter hack.  The official excuse for a new bike – if I needed one – was to use it for commuting.  If I could end up with something that would be fun on the trails at the same time, all the better.  Having never ridden big wheels on a mountain bike before I spent a fair bit of time wondering about the impact of different geometries and considering what to look out for to give a good ride.  With advice from a certain Brighton MTB member I focused on thinking about the ‘right’ combination of head angle, chainstay length and bottom bracket height, along with sufficient mud clearance for Stanmer in winter and the right mix of components to balance weight against cost. Continue reading