Sunset Rider


This is not a time of day, it’s a time of life. As we age we discover a whole new world of wrinkles, glasses, slowed reflexes and aches and pains. At first it takes longer to recover after a long ride then it takes longer to recover after the last hill. We need to pace ourselves better, eat and drink regularly, and harbour our reserves stringently because we will need all of them by the end of the day. Instead of wanting to ride every day it seems nice to have a rest day in between deluding ourselves that we are somewhat like an Olympic athlete peaking for a superhuman effort to reach for gold and all we need to do is keep up with the others or reach the top of the hill with at least one gear left.

We could argue that with age comes wisdom and that we can employ our efforts more effectively but you still have less power, less strength and less endurance.One of our few friends in this new arena is technology and perhaps we can afford lighter and faster kit more easily than the teenager with a restricted budget. Just as well really as they seem to have forgotten to get tired or slow up. Our other friend is bad weather. In the wind and the rain, or in the dark evenings of winter we rarely see a younger face. They don’t need to go out because they are young and there is always tomorrow. For us though consistency is the key and regular outings seem to make a bigger difference as the years roll by, so with the evenings now light climb on your bike and fight the wind and rain for an hour. You will be tired and perhaps wet but you will have fought Father Time a little and my bike will not be the only bike on the trail. Stanmer everyone?



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