Most of us carry a pack now but what we carry seems to vary enormously. Although it should change with each ride some of us do not even change with the seasons. This Deuter super bike large pack weighs can total 7kg on a longer day with a sandwich, energy bars and 3 litres of water; or about half the weight of a lightweight bike! It contains an elastic helmet strap and a reflective rain cover which is used constantly keeping everything dry and mud free and is very reflective in headlights.

Inside it always has:-

Extra lightweight Waterproof jacket

Lightweight windproof gilet

Glasses with 3 colour lenses

Spare tube (slime!)

Multitool Alien DX

Chain links, spare pin, sram power link, disc rotor wipe, brake pad spring

Puncture kit and levers

Magnet (or don’t you drop anything?)

Co2 inflator with spare cartridge


Small cloth

Latex gloves

Emergency lights

Wipes, tissue, giant plaster


Padded phone case

Reading glasses

Occasionally I include a shock pump, mini pump, and spare gps batteries.



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