Ride Report: Saturday 21st March

Debbie: Trail Goddess

Last Saturdays ride was my first outing with Brighton MTB. We met at the car park in Sussex University at 9.30 for a 10 o’clock start. The weather was beautiful, cool but sunny with no wind, perfect for cycling.

I arrived early and with a certain amount of hesitation. What would the riders from Brighton MTB be like? Everyone was very friendly and I was quickly introduced to the rest of the group and their expensive looking bikes. I was slightly fearful of what the ride might be, would it be too technical (someone did have a full face helmet) or would it be too fast.

We headed out through the singletrack which runs along the side of the University and from the start set a reasonably fast pace.  Up onto the Downs we headed out towards the Black cap and back again to Ditchling Beacon. Then down left along the bridle way towards Stanmer Park. Once we hit the singletrack trails I have no idea where we went. Weaving in and out of trees until we hit a series of jumps which everyone did and a big built up hump between fallen trees that we all got over including me. The rest of the ride was lots of singletrack with quite a few small jumps, a few descents and some dips. These were new trails for me as my own club (BEC) doesn’t tend to do too much singletrack riding. One rider did seem to fall off a lot even when he was standing still which caused a few laughs.

It was a good two hour ride, a mixture of cross country and singletrack. Everyone was very friendly and helpful and I am defiantly looking forward to going out again with the group. We finished the ride at Stanmer café with tea and cakes. With the rest of Saturday left it was a great way to start the weekend.

Check pics on photo page

Cheers, Debbie


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