Drugs,bikes and numbers

This version of the site has been running for almost a year so as I wait for the cocktail of drugs to kick in and I am able to return to the saddle I would like to make good on my various promises to everyone who has put pen to paper.

The numbers of people visiting our site keeps growing so I expect that all the numbers listed here will increase quickly. For a comparison a specialist corporate site may only attract a few hundred visitors each year and some much less than that. Forum sites can attract large numbers but nearly of all of these would be a small number of people with lots of visits.

We split the article on brightonmtb so that we get accurate number of how many people click to read it.


For us overall visitors looking for Rides, Photos and Routes dominate with the figures for these being measured in thousands but over a thousand people have clicked to read the article on the Cannondale Rush. Nearly as many have read about the Cotic Soda and On-one 456 Ti and as this article is more recent it may even overtake the Rush before too long.


Blur and Rohloff reviews break the five hundred barriers and the Nomads or Stiffee ones have been read fully almost three hundred times.


Some gear, e.g. Ay-Up lights or Wingnut bags that are less commonly reviewed in the magazines, are approaching two hundred and the most read Ride Reports even more than this.


If you have written a Ride Report or a review then hopefully the time you spent was worthwhile to you because in general one hundred visitors have clicked the “more” button to read the whole report.

One hundred people!


Even recent reports have gained quick popularity with Chris’s race and Debbie’s ride report nearly at the fifty mark despite only being up for a few days.

If you have not had a delve then you might try a search and find something of interest and if you have some time for a bike or kit review, or an article on building a bike etc., then there are a lot of riders out there who would like to read your thoughts.

Finally thank you to all contributors on behalf of all your readers.


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