Ride Report: Saturday 2nd May

James riding 'ill-in-the-head'

Face Plant Trilogy +1 (names remain hidden for ego sake).

Tea tasted good and apparently the cake tasted good. The soil and grass however, certainly did not it tasted horrible. The route included some familier singletrack and 3 new runs;  ‘tank trap’ a devilish off camber descent with the usual fallen trees and built up bits, ‘hole in the wall’ and  ‘ill-in-the-head’ a brand new trail with two huge ramps. The result, six riders and 4  face plants.

The first off came at the drop through the hole-in-the-wall before a fast descent over a line of jumps, no damage done. After a climb we ended up beside a patch of nettles, the guys turned right through the nettles, down a steep descent and onto ill-in-the-head (how do they find or decide to make these trails!). The trail was a ribbon of singletrack through the trees and we were told it was only finished two days earlier. The singletrack ended with a narrow descent onto two very big ramps over fallen trees the scene of 3 face plants.

The first plant was amusingly achieved by the architect, engineer and trail builder, followed by my good self and then a fellow rider. Those of us at the top didn’t see the first face plant, we just heard a shout and some laughter followed by the instruction to “keep right, keep right”.  I took the first ramp with some confidence and relative success (more guts and stupidity than skill) and had the words keep right keep right fresh in my thoughts; I peddled hard to gain the necessary speed and momentum. However, not until I was eating some grass did I realise that the words keep right were obviously off my radar. I hit the first gap between the down side logs, then the second and then the final third. The result was pretty obvious a very poor superman over the  handle bars. I cannot claim it felt like slow motion, because, well, there wasn’t any motion. Fortunately, the only damage was loss of breath and damaged ego. This fortune continued when a third rider achieved exactly the same result. Hilarious, it looked a whole lot better than the actual experience. Boy, I laughed. Tip for others,  keep right keep right.

Another highlight for me was a steep decscent with a large tree that needed avoiding, especially at speed. I was not aware that my bike could travel at such speed with the brakes full on.

Very nice ride, with a nice cuppa to finish the morning off.

Cheers guys, enjoyed your company. After some discussions I’m going to join one of the longer Sunday rides soon.



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