What to expect

Last night was my first ride with the guys from Brighton MTB and also my first proper MTB ride. Found out about the group from the website and decided to come along to get into this side of biking and give myself a challenge. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but it was exactly as described on the ‘what to expect’ part of the website! Very welcoming and friendly atmosphere. I’ll definitely join the group for more rides in the future!
Eleven of us met in the car park at Sussex uni before heading off into the woods at a manageable pace, turns out there were a few new members to the group as well. Graham was leading the pack for his first time, with Ronnie playing (an appreciated!) sweeper for the bulk of the session.
The route was very interesting, including lots of very technical single track, negotiating the maze around trees, logs, bushes, nettles, bumps and slopes.
There was a big light swap around 8.30pm as a few of us had insufficient lighting (others carrying spares!) for negotiating the dark trail back down the hill.
Amazed at the amount of trails that have been on my doorstep for the past 3years! Superb job done by Ronnie and Co. creating and maintaining them!

I learnt a few things from last night:
· My saddle definitely needs adjustment if I am ever to sit down again.
· As you approach a fallen tree, coming to a stop before you hit it, and expecting to clear it, is silly.
· Having to keep take your bag off for a quick sip of water is really annoying!
Cheers, Jon Lee


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