New Faces

For those of us with grey in our hair this used to be the name of a talent show, and on Thursday night’s showing the stream of new talent continually joining us is going to make life harder for some of us. Even the ride organisation will need reviewing  if we always get twenty hardy souls on a dark, winter’s night.

I had missed the previous Thursday ride so the new faces had had a less supportive ride than usual. Sixteen pedallers pushed out of the car park and those of us who had missed a ride or two started slowly at the back.

A mixed route with a brisk pace but a little encouragement and everyone kept up. Eventually the bluebells were calling and while the main group looped for a jump, a small stop and explanation and two new faces broke their duck.

Another twisty track and a few pointers seemed to be the difference between awkwardness and flow.

The next trail is really a multiple go route which often takes several visits to manage the double but our new faces even managed the first stage.

Another trail or two and then the new obstacle. Dramatic and dangerous looking and met with some polite refusals, a confident run or two, an escape or two and one full somersault. Using your own body to protect your frame from damage really does work.

A twist, a turn , another really twisty trail and it was after 9pm.

” Time for bed, says Zebedee”, another grey haired memory. So if you have a couple of hours why not join us next week when “Opportunity Knocks”


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