Just another Saturday

As this was an extra trundle only four of us pulled on rain jackets and spun out over thee grass. My choice of dry weather tyres seemed challenging as I spun on the very first, tiny slope. Neil was on a borrowed bike and immediately had to cope with two problems. The Suntour fork was somewhat bouncy compared to his usual fare and we could not swap the pedals as despite all our efforts they were well and truly stuck. Neil claimed that they were greased but Hercules would have failed to get them off.

Straight into single-track, then instead of a fire road climb a new trail to try.

Eventually after a few linked trails we arrived at the logroll. It looked a bit slippy and was despatched with ease by some but Neil who rides every obstacle with ease on his Commencal explored the absolute limit of a hardtail and a bouncy fork.

A slip, a slide, a bounce, a rear wheel easily a metre in the air with the forks fully compressed as he managed a virtual handstand.

Anyone who was not either a gymnast or a madman would have bailed off but he landed albeit with less grace than usual. He did not want to ride it again so probably not a gymnast.

More trails, a short climb, a fast run trail, another new trail, some minor repairs and a super twisty trail. We met up at this point with alone rider who joined us for a trail or two. It is always difficult to ride a new trail for the first time but newbie Jim even managed the big log in Sanatorium so hopefully he will join us for a full ride next time.

A bit damp, a bit slippy but fun for all.

I will change tyres now as obviously summer is over.


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