Brighton Big Dog 15th August

big dog

The weather was its usual sunny Brighton self, Stanmer seems to have its own micro-climate as even when raining and the ground is slippery it is rarely cold.


Thanks to everyone who helped out. Lugging boxes, erecting tents or finish lines, directing cars or standing for hours without a break trying to prevent the odd fool from killing themself.

Feedback from those competing or just taking part was very favourable and the riding was considered some of the best on the UK race scene, this is great news as at the end of the day those competing are the most important aspect of a mtb event. It seems us regular visitors to Stanmer don’t know how enjoyable our little playground is and it takes others to point it out. The use of some of our singletrack on the course was also gratifying although we will have to accept that it is no longer secret!  Why did some complain about the wasps nest? be thankful, we  have a section of singletrack called ‘Sting-in-the-Tail’, it wasn’t used but is named after the flying fiends. Some of the descents witnessed chaos and plenty of tumbles, hopefully no was hurt (including the guy from Oxford who we took to first aid and was instructed to go to A&E) and everyone will be back next year.

The high marshal turnout from Brighton mtb was very much appreciated by both the competitors and the organising committee who are planning a show of thanks during the coming weeks so watch this space.

Plenty of the Brighton mtb gang took part (apologies if I’ve missed anyone):

Mark and the ‘Bongo Pedallars’

Pete & Brian as ‘Brighton mtb’

Alex and Rob as ‘Where’s the Beer’

Mr Donne and Gez as ‘Are we there yet’

Sam in the solo event

Jo in the Oneder Dog

Jimbo from Sussex-mtb in the solo event

However, pride of place must go to Gill and her team ‘3 Pedigree Bitches’ who won their catagory, no pressure to defend it next year then girls.

As a first event to be organised by a bunch of amateur mtb enthusiasts the excellent vibe together with unanimous competitor feedback shows that the Big Dog  09 was a great success. The good bits of 2009 will be built upon and areas for improvement have been noted. The plan is to make the 2010 event one of the best experiences on the mtb calendar for both competitors and all those involved in organising and staging the event.

Keep checking the photos as they will be updated during the course of the next week.


7 thoughts on “Brighton Big Dog 15th August

  1. Well done and thanks to all the marshalls who helped make it such a great event.

    The shouts of encouragement were really appreciated and I too felt proud to be a rider with Brighton MTB.


  2. Ah the sweet taste of success! I’ll do my best – I just have to find some other races where we’re the only team in the category..! Must say it was an honour to get a rosette saying ‘I’m a Big Dog’ pinned onto me…

    Thanks loads to all you guys for marshalling, it wouldn’t have worked without you. Can’t believe they didn’t give you a shout out on the tanoy afterwards, tch. I know all the racers really appreciated it, so a big thanks.


  3. T’was nice to be encouraged by name on each lap. Good event, hard work tho and my chest still hurts, and legs.
    I reckkon they need you to produce your race number at the bar , and each ‘drink’ gets a hole punched out lie a train ticket. 3 free drinks and thats your lot. Would stop people getting mahhooosssivvvveeee rounds in and taking an unreasonable amount from the kitty. Marshals to get 2 race numbers = 6 drinks so everyones a winner.

  4. I must admit, I was completely oblivious to the Marshalls plight whilst riding around, just assumed that you were all fed, watered and had ridden. The shouts of encouragement were really appreciated, thanks for everything.

    No more suffering for your art (trailbuilding) next year, lets all ride it…….

    It would have worked better if we all could just stay at Stanmer and drink/be merry straight after the event. Cars and the overnight camping policy would hinder that – I guess?

    All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed it, although I’d probably not be up for doing it all again, in much less that fifty two weeks time! 😉

  5. Thanks for all the positive comments about marshalling. With hindsight it would have been better to have made this a more flexible role, but it was great to be able to support the Brighton MTB riders and we got a lot of thanks from other riders as well. On the day the race flew by and it wasn’t until it was over that I realised how knackered I was just standing around, so God knows how you all felt!

  6. I for one really enjoyed being a marshall. To be honest the 6 hours of standing was worth it just to see the look on riders faces as they approached my section realising that a 3 foot high seat post and bar ends were not going to help them one bit!
    Great day and well done to al those who raced.

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