Thursday Evening Newbie

Night Riding

Night Riding

I have been lone riding for a couple of years and just recently starting looking to join a MTB group – then happened across Brighton MTB whilst out walking in St Leonard’s Forest.

After chatting to a couple of the guys, I met up with the whole group on a Thursday night ride at Stammer Park. I was warmly welcomed by all & learned that there is a good mix of abilities and ages, with around 10 riders in total (more at weekends).

The group has set up some brilliant single-track trails around the stammer park area, which luckily (I think!) are not well known enough to be wrecked by inconsiderate riders…. The jumps and rolls are enough for intermediate riders to handle at slower pace, but have enough about them to be challenging for advanced MTBers if taken at speed.

No-one was left behind & the advice given about upcoming trails was excellent. I could tell that the experience levels were good, as all the riders chatted about everything riding orientated whilst mid ride (lights through to bikes, through to events) & gave some good tips on techniques and equipment. (Decent lights and a good helmet are pre-requisites for night riding with these guys).

Even with the off I had toward the end of the evening – (I was warned by Sam to mind my head….) I had a cracking time (hope I didn’t hold anyone up!!) and will definitely join up with them regularly.

Cheers Fellas!



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