Ride tonight?

This was my first ride at Stanmer Park and I’m still grinning in disbelief at the amount and quality of the single track.  You know how it is – the hype becomes more real than the riding -well not this time. Endless ribbons of twisting, turning, feed me faster corners and fades, flick-flacks through trees.  Testing all your riding skills.  Cunning mixes of flow, power and commitment and the childish chase to keep the rider in front as close as unsafely possible.  Pay back time after slogging through the winter mud and cold.  Can you tell I had a great time!

I think there was nine of us tonight with plenty of good banter and an interesting mix of bikes.  I even found myself envying a 15 year old Kona in original guise bringing back nostalgic memories of my early mtbing days, not that I owed one but the better, faster riders did and that’s etched it into the tinted rose spectacled memory bank.  I didn’t make it through the ride with a clean sheet though.  Dusk had fallen and we were on the final singletrack run home and I relaxed a bit too much and tried to have a conversation at the same time and found out I can’t do both at the same time and folded the front end and over the bars.  I got off lightly with a bash on the knee, I was probably more at risk from that night’s current medical cure for bleeding leg injuries – rubbing with a tangfastic.

So thank you to Ronnie and Mike for leading the ride and a big thank you to all those that have developed and maintained the huge amount of stunning single track.  I still can’t believe how much there is – or were those tangfastics spiked and they rode me around the same bit again and again and again.  Either way it was the best two hours I’ve spent on my bike in a long time.

Sean Case


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