Candy pedals

Rebuild kits for all Crank Bros pedals are expensive so I bought these instead of re-building some Acids for the same price. They were discounted, surprisingly, as they were in orange…

Having previously used Mallet and Acid pedals my concern was weight and durability.

Weight was substantially less than both of these and riding feel seemed identical. As they are not worth repairing (£15 new, 2010 kit £13)  I had hoped for a years use and six months on they seem fine in operation although I have lost one of the plastic, screw in nut axle covers. They look a little used but still sufficiently orange.

As I attempting to improve my gravity restricted air skills at present using flat pedals it means that I have been swapping back and forth so I have probably been a little more aware than normal of wear and condition but overall I have been pleased with the purchase.

The footprint is smaller than I would prefer and the grip points tiny so trying to use them unclipped is less then ideal however they are equal to the Acid platform but less so than the Mallet.

They make an ideal first choice if you have only used Shimano pedals before as the extra float seems kinder to older knees and the cleat set up is straightforward. The cleats do wear but I have usually managed anything up to one year of use. Unclipping unintentionally is the sign for a change but even worn they clip in easily and hold when pedalling normally. A large vertical force when jumping (poor technique like mine) or a large lateral load when swiping singletrack corners (poor technique like mine) tends to pull the shoe out when the cleats are worn.

Overall recommended especially in orange


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