fish in the dark

This is the first time I’ve ever cycled with a group and I was a little apprehensive thinking I’d be a little fish in a big pond. Around 20 people turned out on all types of full suss and hard-tails bikes and we were soon on our way a little after 7pm from the University Car Park.

First of all we did a few areas where the Big Dog ran on the 14th Aug, we were all asked for our opinions on each section as the guys in charge were keen to get our feedback. This covered a range of open, close, up and downhill sections which I really enjoyed, at one point I got a little over confident and nearly came a cropper, (new tyres on order). When there was any small incident(no one got hurt) everyone stopped and made sure all was well before moving on.

Second half we went though Stanmer village and straight up to the top of the Park(phew). After all had met at the top and a short break, we started taking in some trickier paths and the light started to fade quickly, bright lights were the order of the day and a necessity(also on order). Ronnie was also keen to keep the newbie’s together so not to be caught by unexpected obstacles and trickier parts.

I started to gain confidence with a few obstacles which to be honest I would normally have the bottled  in daylight, but seeing other riders easily tackle them  I had a go and appeared undamaged, alive and still on the bike on the other side!

By the end it was very dark and entertaining winding our ways through narrow forest trails, a little like the Blare Witch Project on fast forward.

In all I had a fantastic time and would recommend anyone who enjoys off roading to attend as its one of the best and exhilarating things I’ve ever done(till next time)

I’ll be back on the 26th Aug, see you then.

Steve Higgs (Newbie)


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