Carl’s crash

So after 35 years of cycling my luck finally ran out and I was hit by a Ford Transit near Hove Station. I was stationary at a junction about to turn left when a van driver on my right decided he didn’t want to turn right anymore and just drove through me. Ironically it wasn’t a white van – it was black.

(The big cut is where my bone stuck out and where the surgeons stuck the two pieces together, and the lower one is for pins.)

As I was lying on the road looking at my very broken leg my first thought was “I guess I won’t make Stanmer tonight” and then the pain hit and my thoughts turned to concentrating on little fluffy clouds in the beautiful blue sky until the ambulance turned up.

One can of gas and an ambulance ride later I was delivered to the Royal Sussex.

Because I’d achieved a bone sticking out of leg standard of injury, I got the full trauma team treatment, pumped full of Morphine, and rushed into surgery. Here they they removed my kneebone and put a Titanium pin all the way down my Fibula and put my kneebone back. My Tibia was broken too, but they decided to leave that to heal on its own – cutbacks I guess.

I had the joy of being in hospital for four days and I’m now on week 2 of recuperation. Because of the metal pin I’ve been able to put all my weight on it from day one, but I’ve got really bad muscle and tendon damage from the surgeons trying to get my leg straight in surgery.

My 4 month old Lapierre is written off and I’m now thinking about what new bike I’ll treat myself to. A minor silver lining is that I’ll now swerve a £250 bill following that new guidance on the Ride to Work scheme as the bike is a write off and will have a resale value of £0.

So, my game plan is to get on an exercise bike and build up my fitness so I can start doing a gentle Devils Dyke climb from my house in a few weeks time which will hopefully get me back to Stanmer just before 2011 rolls in.

Anyway, suffice to say I’m looking forwards to seeing you all again on the trails.

(The poor Zesty, only 4 months old and blown the warranty.)

Enjoy the rest of the Summer.



3 thoughts on “Carl’s crash

  1. Great attitude with whats happened to you mate, not one ill word toward the driver INSPIRING.

    Hope you make a full recovery and get well soon.

    Best Regards


  2. Cheers guys.

    I’ve got to admit I did give the van driver some grief from the stretcher, but in my defence I was pretty wasted on gas and air and was quickly bundled into the ambulance!

    Hopefully some compensation will come my way. If you see me attempting to ride my 10 year old Gary Fisher Sugar4 next time in Stanmer you’ll know it didn’t work out so well 🙂

    Hope you spotted my obvious mistake of confusing my Tibia and Fibula in that post – Obviously they put the metalwork in the big bone not the little one!

    See you all soon.

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